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Pre-Packed Backpacks

Setting you up for a lifetime

of camping adventures!

Budget Friendly


Starter camping kit: try it out and see if you’d like to be a happy camper for life.

Single person setup

65L Backpack

1-2 person tent

Sleeping bag & pad

Inflatable pillow

Coaching & route planning

Shoes and clothing

Trekking poles

Water bladder

Personal toiletries

Food and snacks

Optional add-ons:

Water filter


Bug spray

Rain gear

Bear deterrents

Stove, pot, and spork.

Sub 20 lb base weight

Buy Now -​ $239

Mid Range

Mid-range camping gear offers an accessible entry point into the great outdoors, providing everything necessary for a comfortable and enjoyable adventure.

Options for two people

Upgraded 65L Backpack

Upgraded 1-2 person tent

Sleeping bag & pad

Inflatable pillow

Upgraded water filter

Stove, upgraded titanium pot, and spork.


Bug spray

Dedicated clothing

Trekking poles

Water bladder

Option for bear deterrents and food storage

Rain gear

Coaching & route planning

Personal toiletries

Food and snacks

Dedicated shoes

Sub 20 lb base weight

Buy Now -​ $1,099

Elite Customized


High-end ultralight gear so you can go faster and farther without a heavy load.

Meticulously customized to your needs via our detailed questionnaire.

"Out the door" ready for those who demand the best.

Crafted with invaluable knowledge and expertise.

Personalized toiletries kits + ready-to-go meals and trail snacks tailored to your dietary preferences.

Buy once, save thousands by avoiding trial and error. Most people spend a fortune trying and discarding gear. Save time and focus on backcountry adventures, not gear hassles!

Additional camp luxuries included.

Sub 10 lb base weight


Why buy our backpacks?

Only the Best.

At our elite customized level, we provide high-end, name-brand or cottage outdoor gear to outfit you with the lightest weight, highest quality, most appropriate equipment. We’re delivering you a buy-it-for-life backpack, tent, sleeping system, stove system, personal toiletries, dedicated hiking clothes, and so much more customized just for you. Budget-friendly options available too!

Tent camp.

The Right Gear for a Lifetime

of Adventure.

Get it right the first time with our elite customized service. The detailed form you’ll fill out will tell us everything we need to know. Our seasoned trailblazers will curate a customized kit to outfit you for everything: from quick weekend trips to multi-day expeditions for you, your family, and even your dog! We’ll help you avoid surprises in the backcountry. We’ve also got budget-friendly kits with universal essentials.

Backpack, Tent, Boots and Trekking Poles

Gain a Partner To Make Your Camping Dreams Come True!

Not just the gear; for all of our kits: you’ll be paired with one of our experienced staff to not only familiarize you with your gear before you leave, but also help you plan a destination, route and logistics to prepare for your first ReadyTrek adventure at no extra cost. Seamless and easy surprise-free: with our help.



Emergency kit

Meals & Snacks

Consumables kits

Top of the line Backpack

Hiking clothes and Footwear

Tent, Sleeping bag, Sleeping pad

Expert gear and trip planning guide

About us

Embarking on Adventure

At ReadyTrek Packs, we believe that great camping trips are for everyone. That's why we've dedicated ourselves to making camping backpacking accessible, enjoyable, and hassle-free for beginners and seasoned adventurers alike.

Our Mission: Unleashing the Explorer in You

We understand that starting out in camping can be daunting. What gear do you need? How do you ensure comfort and safety? We're here to help you get over that initial hump. Our goal is simple: to provide you with a seamless, comfortable backpacking experience free from surprises.

The Perfect Pack

Although we offer a budget tier option, our value really lies in curating pre-packed backpacks tailored for camping outdoor adventures. Each pack is a product of extensive research and experience, designed to meet all your needs in the wilderness. We take pride in offering exactly what you need to make camping adventures easy to add to your life.

Healthy backpacker going through the jungle

Feedback From Our Customers

More than just the great gear, I think the biggest difference you guys made for me was helping me plan where to travel, which trails to take, and where specifically to set up my tent to have the camping experience I dreamed of!

Smiling man with hiking backpack standing in field in countryside in daytime

-Mark Graf

It’s great that you have the option for not only shopping for myself, but also to outfit my entire family and our dogs. It has been so nice to make memories with my loved ones with the full set of family backpacks you sent us.

-Grant Reed

I felt so much more at peace knowing I had everything I needed for my very first camping trip. Chris was a dream in talking with me beforehand about tips for how best to use the gear I received. I would not be a regular camper now if not for you all.

Women hiking in nature

-Rebecca Gloyd

Buy Back Policy

At ReadyTrek Packs, we encourage you to fully explore the wonders of hiking and camping with our backpacks. However, if these activities don’t develop into lifelong passions, we don't believe you should carry the cost.

Hence, we've put in place our Buy-Back Policy. You can return new, lightly used, and clean gear in exchange for 50% of the original purchase price. Upon receiving and evaluating your gear, if found eligible, we’ll provide funds within 10-15 business days.

Venture into the wild knowing that your commitment to trying the outdoors won’t weigh heavily on your wallet.

Office Hours

Expect a prompt response to your inquiry during business hours, US Pacific time.

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